The Start of Trainwithsolly

Outdoor Training

Trainwithsolly started by offering one on one outdoor training programs that consisted of various hikes, runs, walks, resistance training and adventures. My initial goal was to inspire my clients to appreciate the beautiful views this area had to offer and to also get great workouts in while we did it. With every session being in a different place it always left my clients excited for their next workout and where the next adventure would be!

Outdoor training started to gain traction within my community and found myself doing up to 6 hikes in a single day! It become physically demanding to say the least but I was so driven and willing to put in the work. My outdoor plans became quite the success by the end of summer and into fall but with winter around the corner I knew it would eventually come to an end and I had to find the next step.

In Gym Training

Let’s take it back to my past as competitive athlete, my competitive drive had me in the gym training nearly everyday since around age 14. When things got more competitive as an athlete I started working with many renown trainers and gained hands on experience of how to train your body properly. Through the knowledge I gained as an athlete and the number of clients I previously trained outdoors, it gave me the confidence to start working with inside the gym with clients. I truly felt this was the start to something big.

A few months into in-person training it began to take off, I was averaging around 15 sessions a week. Through this I was gaining all kinds of first hand experience, building relationships and delivering amazing results for my clients! I fully bought into that this was what I was meant to do and my true path. All I could think about is how take my business further and help more people. Let's fast foward a year and 750+ one on one sessions later, my dream to help others acheive their goals was now a reality. As Trainwithsolly kept growing I was thinking about expanding online to reach people on a larger scale.

Online Training Plans

While I was performing in person training sessions I was hard at work behind the scenes building my online training platform. The main goal I had going into online training was to create plans that were identical to my in-person training, they had to not only deliver the same results but also be a life changing experience for my clients. I went out and started filming hundreds of exercise videos to go along with my online plans and had a lot of sleepless nights making sure every peice of my online training was quailty. Brick by brick it slowly started to come together and I was confident enough to launch my first plan.

With all the marketing and consistent work on my online plans it finally started to gain traction and about 6 months later, I was training most of my clients online. Further down the line I was blown away with the results that they were getting and how well my online training was working.

This now takes us to present day where the journey of Trainwithsolly continues. I am currently training people with of all fitness levels and goals throughout Canada and the US. Each day I wake up with a a smile on my face knowing I get to help people acheive their goals and boost their quality of life. I feel extremely blessed to be in a position like this and I always continue to take things on step at a time to keep the quality of my programs at the forefront. If you’re considering signing up for my fitness plan I will be here, determined as ever to change your life.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Winning the young entrepreur of the year award was a feeling of accomplishment that will live with me forever. Being recognized by my community for all the blood, sweat and tears I put into Trainwithsolly is something I am so grateful for.

You can do anything you want in this world when you chase your passion and put your heart & soul into whatever it is you're doing.