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Client Transformations

150-Day Transformation - Diane L

Diane's journey over the past five months is nothing short of incredible and truly inspiring! She has successfully shed over 50 pounds and continues to make progress week after week. This remarkable transformation is a result of her dedication and hard work. Diane's commitment to her health and fitness goals is a testament to what can be achieved when you believe in yourself.

30-Day Transformation - Malcolm B.

"I've been giving it my all to form a healthy lifestyle for myself and I can't thank Solly enough for showing me how to take the right steps. It feels so good to see how far I've come in the last 30 days and I cant wait to seewhere the next few months will take me."

120-Day Transformation - Shadow B.

"After recently fighting cancer that kicked my butt, I reached out to Solly and I am so thankful I did. He helped me gain the confidence to start my fitness plan and has pushed me to new levels with his positive reinforcements. If you are struggling, training with Solly is the way to go. Solly will be there for you every step of the way."

70-Day Transformation - Chelsie P.

“I was feeling so out of routine, unhappy with my weight gain and didn’t exactly know how to reach my goals in relation to a workout plan and healthy meals on my own so I reached out to Solly for some guidance. Since starting Training with Solly I have learnt not only about the importance of sustainable meals and exercise planning but also about lifestyle, and building a positive mental well being. Solly is super motivational and great at holding you accountable for reaching your goals, without his guidance I wouldn’t see these results I am seeing and feeling today."

30-Day Transformation - Simon Z

Simon's transformation in just one month is truly inspring! Through his dedication to my program, he has impressively lost over 10 pounds. More than just weight loss, he has significantly reduced inches from his mid-section, and has gained mental clarity. Simon's consistent progress week after week is a clear indication of his commitment and the effectiveness of the program. His journey is a great example of how focused effort and a well-structured plan can create quick and significant results.

60-Day Transformation - Jessica O

“Since I have started training with Solly 2 months ago I have changed dramatically when it comes to my physical and mental well-being. Solly goes the extra mile for his clients and because of that, I am finally starting to truly love myself and especially my body again. My body and mind have never been stronger and even on my weaker days he was there to motivate me and reminded me of why I started. Sollys the guy to get you where you want and DESERVE to be!”

140-Day Transformation
— Robyn M.
45-Day Transformation
— Turner S.
150-Day Transformation
— Angela G
60-Day Transformation
— Julie C.
45-Day Transformtion
— Malcolm B.
60-Day Transformation
— Danelle F.
60-Day Transformation
— Bergen P.
60-Day Transformation
— Kevin M.
70-Day Transformation
— Andrea R.
30-Day Transformation
— Garrett K.
60-Day Transformation
— Ksenia S.
60-Day Transformation
— Janelle M.

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The Trainwithsolly Experience

16-Week Transformation Plan

✓ Personal workouts for your fitness level and goals

✓ Your choice of workouts in the gym or at-home

✓ Personal nutrition plan for your goals

✓ Minimum of two check-ins per week

✓ 24/7 Personal support, reach out anytime

✓ Here to coach you from start to finish

✓ Ability to adapt your plan if needed

✓ Create your own workout schedule

✓ New workouts every month

(16-Week Commitment)

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