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90-Day Transformation - Julie C.

"I am truly grateful for this journey I had with Solly, he was a very inspiring and seriously amazing trainer. The results I got from his program are incredible and has helped me in so many ways physically and mentally. He has such a positive mindset and it is contagious. I highly recommend Sollys online programs to anyone.”

30-Day Transformation - Malcolm B.

"I've been giving it my all to form a healthy lifestyle for myself and I can't thank Solly enough for showing me how to take the right steps. It feels so good to see how far I've come in the last 30 days and I cant wait to seewhere the next few months will take me."

120-Day Transformation - Shadow B.

"I was following Solly for months until I could build up the courage to reach out. After recently fighting cancer that kicked my butt, I reached out to Solly and I am so thankful I did. He helped me gain the confidence to start my fitness plan and has pushed me to new levels with his postive reinforcements. If you are struggling, training with Solly is the way to go. At home or in the gym, Solly will be there every step of the way."

150-Day Transformation - Diane L

Diane's 5 month transformation is inspiring to say the least! She has dropped 50+ lbs and is continuing to lose weight every week through my online training program and nutrition coaching.

60-Day Transformation - Jessica O

“Since I have started training with Solly 2 months ago I have changed dramatically when it comes to my physical and mental well-being. Solly goes the extra mile for his clients and because of that, I am finally starting to truly love myself and especially my body again. My body and mind have never been stronger and even on my weaker days he was there to motivate me and reminded me of why I started. Sollys the guy to get you where you want and DESERVE to be!”

30-Day Transformation - Simon Z

In just 1 month, Simon has lost over 10 lbs through my program. He has successfully trimmed inches from mid-section and is consistently making progress week after week!

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My Amazing Team

Along my side, my exceptional team is dedicated and ready to guide you through an unforgettable fitness journey.

Nick Colbachini - Trainer
Andrea Robertson - Mindset Coach/manager

Online Training

The Trainwithsolly Experience →

When it comes time to tackle each workout, simply launch the TWS app on your device, from there you'll find the workout I've tailored specifically for you that day. Each exercise you come across is accompanied by a tutorial video where you'll see me in action teaching you.

Whether you're hitting the gym or working out from the comfort of your home, you'll have crystal-clear guidance. And the best part? As you advance, I'll keep things fresh with regular updates, ensuring those results are still rolling in and keeping you excited for your next workout.

If there ever comes a time where something in your plan doesn't quite click for you, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to make sure every aspect of your journey is tailored to your needs. From beginning to end, I'll be right there with you, accessible 7 days a week, offering the support and motivation you need.

With me & my team by your side – virtually in your pocket – you can trust that your goals will be not just met, but exceeded.

Whats Included in your plan? →

A personalized workout plan tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Create your own schedule for your workouts based around your busy life.

Personalized nutrition plan.

Regular updates and new workouts as you progress each month.

Weekly accountability and communication check ins.

Our support 7 days a week via in app messenger.

Exercise videos performed by Solly so you know exactly what to do.

What results can you expect? →

During the course of your training program you can anticipate losing fat, muscle growth, building strength, and sculpting your body for a more defined appearance.

Not only will you see physical results, this is your gateway to a surge in self confidence, and a substantial boost to your mental well-being.

In-Gym or At-Home Programs

At Home →

My at-home programs are designed for an efficient workout routine that delivers tangible and lasting results. Each program is uniquely crafted to match your fitness level and body type. This program is adaptable to accommodate even the busiest schedules. The freedom of home training empowers you to establish a workout schedule that suits your convenience, ensuring you have the time necessary to achieve your goals.

On your designated workout days, you'll simply open my app, select the assigned workout, and follow along. Each exercise is accompanied by video tutorials, personally demonstrated by me, providing you with clear guidance and confidence in every session.

If you already have workout equipment at home, I can customize the plan to incorporate your equipment and elevate your fitness journey. If you don't have equipment, I will ship you everything you need at no extra cost to you.

In Gym →

My online in-gym programs are personalized to align with your fitness goals and current level. The workouts mirror the structure I would use if we were training together face-to-face at the gym. With my guidance, you can skip the lengthy process of trial and error and the years it typically takes to identify the most effective workout strategies.

When you step into the gym on your designated workout days, my app is your gateway to a seamless experience. Simply select the prescribed workout for each day, and follow along. Within the app, each exercise is accompanied by video tutorials led by me, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the techniques so you can approach every session with assurance and confidence.

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